[DENIED]Novak Seprovic

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[DENIED]Novak Seprovic

Post  Novak_Seprovic on Wed Aug 01, 2012 4:20 pm

San Andreas Sheriff's Department.
" Registration Form."

Personal Information.

First Name : Novak
Middle Name(s) : Gilles
Last Name : Seprovic
Date of Birth : 21 March 1986
Place of Birth : Bucharest , Romania.

Gender : Male
Race : Romanian
Blood Type : O
Height : 171 cm
Weight : 65 Kg

Address : Jefferson , Motel.
Phone Number : N/A
Education : Bucharesti Police Department Academy
Occupation : Former Police Officer

Are you over the age of 20?
- 26 years old.

Do you have a valid driving's license?
- I do.

Do you ever been arrested or charged with a crime activity?
- Never.

Tell us about your background story. ( Min : 250 words )
- I was born in Bucharest , Romania. Growing up in a normal family and having a good life until I was 19 . I joined Bucharesti Police Department Academy and later joined the Bucharesti Police Department a year afterwards. Later on I served the public very well and once earned Brave Heart medal for few scenes that I involved in Romania. Years after joining Bucharesti Police Department , I was doomed to face my destiny that I involved in an accident. A bomb blew up my cruiser before I managed to step in. The explosion sent me into coma for several months until everything back to normal. But I choose to leave Bucharesti Police Department afterwards because of the incident. Still traumatize , I decided to fly away to Los Santos , San Andreas , searching for a new life and begins to start fresh.

Tell us why you would like to become a Officers in San Andreas Sheriff's Department. ( Min : 250 words )
- I have a well trained background as a police officer back in Bucharesti Police Department in Romania. I think that is very suitable and meet the standard requirement needed. Plus I wanted to overcome my trauma and start something new in the San Andreas Police Department. Years of training and serving for Bucharesti Police Department in Romania has thought me well in police business and of course , law and order. I've been training well to serve the public as I never been discharge , dismiss or suspend in my entire career. Plus I used to earn Brave Heart medal that proves I'm one of the best officer in the country.

Sign : Novak


Nama : Joy Faheem
Umur : 21
ID forum (JG-RP) : Remark
Jam main perhari : 6 - 12 hours depends

Sebutkan semua character kamu yang sebelumnya.
- Nikolai Sergovy

Berapa lama anda telah bermain JG-RP?.
- Since March 2012

Apakah anda pernah bergabung dengan Faction official? Jika ya, Faction apa itu.
- Never

Apakah anda pernah bergabung dengan Faction Government sebelumnya?Jika ya faction apa itu.
- Los Santos Police Department

Apakah anda mengerti tentang hukum?Jika ya, Jelaskan secara singkat.
- Yes of course I know about it.

Apakah anda mempunyai catatan Banned ?? Jika ya, karena apa anda di ban?
- Never

Apakah anda bisa mengoprasikan Team Speak?
- Yes.

Apakah anda menguasai daerah San Andreas?
- Totally.

Berikan alasan mengapa anda ingin bergabung dengan San Andreas Sheriff's Department.( Min : 200 words. )
- Because I want to try something new especially for reduces the crimes in Flint County vicinity. Too many robbers there every single day. As all people know , only LSPD has to respond to every 911 calls from the vicinity though it is not in our territory. I had deal with over 200 cases in Flint County and I would like to contribute myself to the people , to the farmers in the first place of course in order to reduce the crime and make San Andreas a better place to live in.


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Re: [DENIED]Novak Seprovic

Post  Abdul_Hasan on Fri Aug 03, 2012 12:16 am

San Andreas Sheriff's Department

Dear, Mr.Gilles.

We are very pleased to announce that your application been Accepted. However, this is only first step to joining the San Andreas Sheriff's Department. please contact us for futher information about next steps on Academy.

Sheriff Abdul Hasan
SASD Recruitment Team


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Re: [DENIED]Novak Seprovic

Post  . on Sun Aug 05, 2012 3:07 am

Not follow the interview.


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Re: [DENIED]Novak Seprovic

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