[ACCEPTED]Dimitri Federov

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[ACCEPTED]Dimitri Federov

Post  Lawliet_Johnson on Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:56 pm

First Name : Dimitri
Middle Name(s) : -
Last Name : Federov
Date of Birth : 24 October 1985
Place of Birth : Moscow,Russia.

Gender : Male
Race : Caucasian
Blood Type : AB
Height : 185cm
Weight : 86kg

Address : Idlewood Motel,Idlewood
Phone Number : 200-413
Education : Los Santos High School Diploma
Occupation : Lumberjack

Are you over the age of 20?Yes.

Do you have a valid driving's license?Yes.

Do you ever been arrested or charged with a crime activity?Never.

Tell us about your background story. Hello,My name Is Dimitri Federov.Everyone call me Dimi,or Dimitri.I was born in Moskow in 1985,which is still United Soviet back there.I came from a poor family from Russia.When president Gorbachev announced the end of the Cold War,My family moved to Los Santos in order to get a better life rather staying in Russia.I was 9 Years old when we all moved.I was put into the elementary school,and I have difficulties on communicating with English. Since then,I was mocked by the students.My Father works on the Construction company,he becomes a construction engineer.Even though,he can't afford me money for University that I was hoping so bad.So I decided to work on the County,chopping trees for living.I chopped trees since I was graduated from high school untill now.I know a lot about the County area which might be an important asset for me to apply here.People always act Racist to me,no matter what Race I'm dealing with-White,Hispanic,Blacks,etc.I hope Racism will stop soon,wether is here and the rest of the world. I am good on driving,the most important thing for lumberjacks.That's all my background story.

Tell us why you would like to become a Officers in San Andreas Sheriff's Department. There is a lot of reasons for me to join this department.First of all,I really want to pursue my new career here,as a Law Enforcement Officer.People have their own way to gain money,but I don't really care about money at all.I want a new experience on a career,such as this Department.This Department and other Law Enforcement Agencies are all unique for me.Why? Because their duty is not only enforcing the law,but helping peoples with their troubles.Such as, a troubled kid with their parents,or an old Grandma trying to shop on Supermarket.I love to solve a problem,no matter how big it is,it's because I love a world with less troubles.I'm sick of cutting trees on Flint County,Because that's not what I want for my job.Many people told me to follow my own interest,hobbies,anything you like to do,no matter how much money do you got from this.I hope that I will literally experience new stuff from this department,And of course I will help this Department with my skills,talents,and discipline. I hope that I will become one of the most precious asset in this Department,as well as the others.And last but not least,I'm trying to stop Racism for all the race,no matter what's the risk to take,I will try to stop it.

Sign :


Nama : Ben Aldo Halim
Umur : 15
ID forum (JG-RP) : Ben
Jam main perhari : 3-4 jam weekday,5-6 jam weekend

Sebutkan semua character kamu yang sebelumnya.
-Mushashi Hiramoto
- Vincenzo Fallaci (inactive)
-Dave Harris (deleted)
-Lisa Kelly (deleted)

Berapa lama anda telah bermain JG-RP?.
-Dari Januari 2011 kalo ga salah,pas jaman IBF mau disban.

Apakah anda pernah bergabung dengan Faction official? Jika ya, Faction apa itu.
-Three Dragons Mafia (TDM),Franchetti Nostra Familia (FNF)

Apakah anda pernah bergabung dengan Faction Government sebelumnya?Jika ya faction apa itu.
-Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Apakah anda mengerti tentang hukum?Jika ya, Jelaskan secara singkat.
- Hukum adalah suatu sistem yang berada di suatu negara/lembaga/organisasi yang bersifat mengikat,memaksa,dan harus ditaati setiap saat.Hukum ditegakkan oleh lembaga/institusi hukum. Jika ada suatu individu yang melanggar suatu hukum,akan dikenakan konsekuensi baik itu merupakan sanksi,atau peringatan.

Apakah anda mempunyai catatan Banned ?? Jika ya, karena apa anda di ban?
-Pernah,dikarenakan sedikit perselisihan dengan admin waktu itu.

Apakah anda bisa mengoprasikan Team Speak?

Apakah anda menguasai daerah San Andreas?

Berikan alasan mengapa anda ingin bergabung dengan San Andreas Sheriff's Department.( Min : 200 words. )
-Pertama-tama,yang saya lihat di server ini kekurangan unsur Roleplay di daerah Flint County dan Red County,Karena kekurangan anggota di faction baru ini. Saya mencoba untuk membantu faction ini untuk menjadi faction yang aktif kedepan,bukan hanya faction pajangan saja di server ini. Dari dulu,saya sudah tertarik untuk mencoba RP seorang penegak hukum,seperti polisi/sheriff. Mungkin karena kepadatan faction saya,saya tidak sempat membagi waktu untuk character alternative. Sekarang faction yang saya ikuti (Franchetti) menurut saya sudah bisa dibilang tidak aktif,karena jarangnya member-member untuk bermain character di faction itu. Sekarang sepertinya inilah satu-satunya kesempatan saya untuk mencoba men-Roleplay kan character berbasis Law Enforcement Officer di server ini. Saya juga ingin memiliki teman-teman baru dari Faction ini. Bisa saja saya bergaul dengan orang yang sama sekali saya belum tau sebelumnya. Saya berharap saya bisa menjadi bagian dari faction ini,dan menjadi member yang berharga untuk faction ini.


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Re: [ACCEPTED]Dimitri Federov

Post  Abdul_Hasan on Fri Aug 03, 2012 12:30 am

San Andreas Sheriff's Department

Dear, Mr.Dimitri Federov

We are very pleased to announce that your application been Accepted. However, this is only first step to joining the San Andreas Sheriff's Department. please contact us for futher information about next steps on Academy.

Sheriff Abdul Hasan
SASD Recruitment Team

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Re: [ACCEPTED]Dimitri Federov

Post  . on Sun Aug 05, 2012 3:09 am

Passed Interview.


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Re: [ACCEPTED]Dimitri Federov

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