Hellbert_Sergio [DENIED]

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Hellbert_Sergio [DENIED]

Post  Hellbert_Sergio on Sat Feb 02, 2013 8:28 pm

San Andreas Sheriff's Department.
" Registration Form."

Personal Information.

First Name : Hellbert

Middle Name(s) : Mark

Last Name : Sergio

Date of Birth : 22 December 1985

Place of Birth : Los Santos,Central General Hospital.

Gender : Male

Race : American Latin

Blood Type : A

Height : 182

Weight : 76

Address : Las Colinas Street 38,Number 11.

Phone Number : 140077

Education Background: Oakhland Press School,New Jersey Elementary School,Anheim Junior High School,Los Santos Senior High School,and the last Graduted of Law at Tokyo University.

Occupation : First Job is Technician Programmer In some Los Santos Office,and Secondary Job is mechanic.

Are you over the age of 20?

Do you have a valid driving's license?

Do you ever been arrested or charged with a crime activity? if you have,please explain the cronology as detailed as possible.

Tell us about your background story. ( Min : 250 words )
I was born in 22 December 1985 at Los Santos in Jefferson Hospital. My name is Hellbert Sergio, Sergio is my family name, I got it last name from my Father family, My Mom was born in Los Santos, My Daddy too,My mother is Gisella and My Father is Peter Sergio, That's why I'm a really descendants American, Los Santos. I have 1 sister, My Father always told me that I must work in SASD make San Andreas better because of me. My Family always give me a spirit to be a nice man, A man with a spirit of Justice to build San Andreas and make it better. My hobby is swimming and the other sports, anything about sports. I love San Andreas very much, I just want to help San Andreas to be better, When i read the newspaper yesterday, SASD is open recruitment. I said "Wow it's my turn to be a Hero" I really want to be SASD, My mother is dead by the robber in my house. That's night robber want to rob my house, Everything in house deprived by robber, The robber wanted my mother's ring because it's very expensive, but my Mother not given it to the robber. The robber got angry and shoot my Mother. That's horrible night. It was the most chaotic I've ever experienced. I have spirit because this experience, I want every robbers go to jail, I want San Andreas is the Safest Country in the World.

Tell us why you would like to become an Officer in San Andreas Sheriff's Department. Because join to San Andreas Sheriff's Department is my appointment when i was child and I'm so glad to join SASD and help everybody to follow the rules, i want to show everyone to know how important rules in own life. I have many reasons why i want to join, I hate crime, Why ? Because my Mother is dead because of the robber, I have spirit of justice like a Hero. I think it's time to protect our City from many bandit. Just a simple why i want to join SASD. I have strong establishment to be SASD and I have a Vision and Mission :
1. Protect San Andreas from Bandit
2. More direct to the Valley, like farm,Lumberjack area because many robber there
3. Help the other sheriff to uphold justice
4. Provide security to the citizens to feel safe
5. Say no to drugs, Because drugs can make our next generation fall down
6. Do the best for San Andreas

Sign : Hellbert Sergio


Nama Lengkap: Kevin Setiawan

Umur : 16

ID forum (JG-RP) : Croztt

Jam main perhari : 8 jam,If you can't bealive that,ask pambudi,He is my friend.

ID UCP JG-RP : Helbert_Sergio

Sebutkan semua character kamu yang sebelumnya.
Just Xaverius Kevin

Berapa lama anda telah bermain JG-RP?.
4 Bulan

Apakah anda pernah bergabung dengan Faction official? Jika ya, Faction apa itu.
No, Just Unofficial families.

Apakah anda pernah bergabung dengan Faction Government sebelumnya?Jika ya faction apa itu.

Apakah anda mengerti tentang hukum?Jika ya, Jelaskan secara singkat.
Hukum adalah suatu peraturan yang tertulis dimana kita wajib mengikuti semua aturan yang tertera."Siapa yang berbuat dia harus berani bertanggung jawab sesuai dengan apa yang dia perbuat".

Apakah anda mempunyai catatan Banned ?? Jika ya, karena apa anda di ban?

Apakah anda bisa mengoprasikan Team Speak?

Apakah anda menguasai daerah San Andreas?

Dari skala 1 sampai 10 (10 terbaik),seberapa bagus skill anda dalam Roleplay?

Berikan alasan mengapa anda ingin bergabung dengan San Andreas Sheriff's Department.Alasan saya menjadi Sheriff mengapa ? Karena ini server RP, saya ingin memantapkan RP saya. Saya ingin mencari pengalaman tentunya di kesempatan ini. Saya ingin mencoba lebih ke RP dari pada MM karena bosen MM gaada sensasi yang bisa dirasain, Saya juga ingin sama sama belajar dengan orang lain untuk berusaha mematuhi rules rules yang ada di SAMP. Mencoba on duty setiap online untuk menjaga ketentraman dan membantu newbie untuk lebih maju, juga ingin menjadi contoh baik dan memberikan pengetahuan yang saya punya buat newbie newbie biar bisa lebih mantap lagi maen RPannya. Saya sangat berniat masuk SASD, Dari awal maen tuh kepengen banget jadi Sheriff atau Polisi. Pokoknya terimakasih banget deh kalo diterima jadi SASD, saya akan berusaha terbaik agar JGRP bisa lebih maju lagi.Tentunnya di SASD saya bukan untuk bermain main,tapi saya yakin dan berjanji tidak akan mengecewakan SASD dengan roleplay skill saya.


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Re: Hellbert_Sergio [DENIED]

Post  Ruppert_Arkwright on Sun Feb 03, 2013 12:07 am

From Training and Recruitment's Offices,
San Andreas Sheriff Departement

Dear Mr. / Mrs. Kevin
We'd like to inform you that your application has been DENIED by the San Andreas Sheriff Departement for the following reason(s): (( Known as a troller ))


SASD Training & Recruitment Team

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