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Post  Brian_Mckennedy on Thu Mar 07, 2013 9:39 pm

Brian Mckennedy Application [DENIED] 4ifCO
San Andreas Sheriff's Department.
" Registration Form."

Personal Information.

First Name : Brian

Middle Name(s) : -

Last Name : Mckennedy

Date of Birth : 07-01-1991

Place of Birth : Washington, United States

Gender : Male

Race : USA

Blood Type : O

Height : 178cm

Weight : 65kg

Address : Jefferson motel

Phone Number : 271153

Education : University of Los Angeles

Occupation : -

Are you over the age of 20?

Do you have a valid driving's license?
-Yes i have

Do you ever been arrested or charged with a crime activity? if you have,please explain the cronology as detailed as possible.

Tell us about your background story. ( Min : 250 words )
-I came to los santos armed with confidence and cash $ 12,500 to find a job, and I've tricked by someone, and I have never seen in a field of many common robbers roam at night to steal and kidnap farmers struggling to plant it, and I determined to keep them but alas I am just an ordinary citizen who currently do not have any what or helpless, but I see no registration iyalah a member of law enforcement and I am determined when sasd where I've received in the sasd I will work as hard as possible to keep the citizens of los santos from irresponsible people, and I have never corrupt person, and I also want to eliminate one member of the graft when there sasd and at this point I nominate a member sasd, so.

Tell us why you would like to become an Officer in San Andreas Sheriff's Department. ( Min : 250 words )
Because I was so anxious to eradicate the robbers or kidnappers were arbitrarily mena in los santos because I see very high criminal activity in this city and therefore I joined because sasd as follows:

1. I would eradicate the robbers.
2. I would also combat kidnappers and thieves.
3. I also would eradicate the drug dealer who menghancuri future los santos city.
4. I would also combat the illegal arms dealers in Los santos get to the bottom if necessary.
5. I'm also going to catch people who like breaking traffic such as speeding ngebutan, and race, because it can be dangerous to people who were at the scene.

If where I was received by the department sasd I will perform the tasks I wrote above where I Lalay when the chairman tasks sasd can fire me or get me out of sasd.

Sign : Brian Mckennedy


Nama Lengkap: Muhammad rhoma doni

Umur : 13 tahun

ID forum (JG-RP) : Shooter

Jam main perhari : 4 atau 5 jam perhari

ID UCP JG-RP : shoot

Sebutkan semua character kamu yang sebelumnya.

Berapa lama anda telah bermain JG-RP?.
Sekitar 4 Bulan lebih

Apakah anda pernah bergabung dengan Faction official? Jika ya, Faction apa itu.
Tidak pernah

Apakah anda pernah bergabung dengan Faction Government sebelumnya?Jika ya faction apa itu.
Tidak pernah

Apakah anda mengerti tentang hukum?Jika ya, Jelaskan secara singkat.
Iya, Hukum adalah suatu aturan yang telah di tetapkan entah itu oleh negara, kota, ataupun daerah dan bila mana melanggar akan mendapat berupa sanksi yang sesuai dengan apa yang di langgar tersebut

Apakah anda mempunyai catatan Banned ?? Jika ya, karena apa anda di ban?

Apakah anda bisa mengoprasikan Team Speak?

Apakah anda menguasai daerah San Andreas?

Dari skala 1 sampai 10 (10 terbaik),seberapa bagus skill anda dalam Roleplay?

Berikan alasan mengapa anda ingin bergabung dengan San Andreas Sheriff's Department.( Min : 200 words. )
Saya mencoba mengembangkan Roleplay saya se-Pro mungkin, dan mau nambah wawasan roleplay jadi polisi sasd, dan saya juga ingin merasakan bergabung dengan faction Government karna saya belum pernah sama sekali bergabung dengan faction apa pun, dan juga mau menjadi Pro RP'er dari pada menjadi MM'er karna saya lihat orang orang sekarang main di JGRP kerjaannya MM'er mulu ketimbang RP karna saya juga ingin menjadi Pro-RP'er biar RPnya bisa sebagus dan masuk akal logika dan sekarang banyak sekali orang Breakrules seperti pada saat giliran di kejar polisi ada yang Avoid /q lah, ada yang PG, atau malah pura pura /afk saya juga mau menjadi anggota sasd karna mau memperbagus RP saya supaya kelak nanti saya tidak menjadi Breakrules karna dengan ikut Faction Government SASD pasti Skill RP saya lama-lama akan bagus jika kalau saya menjadi anggota SASD.


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Brian Mckennedy Application [DENIED] Empty Re: Brian Mckennedy Application [DENIED]

Post  Luis Kennedy on Fri Mar 08, 2013 12:12 pm

Brian Mckennedy Application [DENIED] 2w3bF
From Training & Recruitment's Offices,
San Andreas Sheriff Departement

Dear Mr. / Ms. McKennedy
We'd like to inform you that your application has been DECLINED by the San Andreas Sheriff Departement for the following reason(s):

- Poor English (( Google Translate ))
- Lack of effort


SASD Training & Recruitment Team
Luis Kennedy
Luis Kennedy

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