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Vladimir Borvindoska application

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Vladimir Borvindoska application Empty Vladimir Borvindoska application

Post  Vladimir_Borvindoska Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:43 pm

Vladimir Borvindoska application 4ifCO
San Andreas Sheriff's Department.
" Registration Form."

Personal Information.

First Name : Vladimir

Middle Name(s) :

Last Name : Borvindoska

Date of Birth : March 25, 1990

Place of Birth : Moscow

Gender : Male

Race : Caucasion

Blood Type : o

Height : 180 cm

Weight : 80kh

Address : Jefferson motel room number 5

Phone Number : 705537

Education : Univercity of Moscow

Occupation : Trucker

Are you over the age of 20?

Do you have a valid driving's license?

Do you ever been arrested or charged with a crime activity? if you have,please explain the cronology as detailed as possible.

Tell us about your background story. ( Min : 250 words )
My name is Vladimir Borvindoska. I was born in Moscow in 1990, when the tyrant Gorbachev was still in charge.
I hated that man, for because of him my father was deported to serbia, I don't know why
my father was sent there, but traitors and deserters was sent there, my father was non of them.
He was a loyal soldier of the soviet red army, all he ever did was serving the motherland, what I heard from my
mother is he critize the goverment omong his comrade, that doesn't mean any thing, but why must he recive
such a punishment. I never receive any calls nor letters from my father I don't know if he's alive or dead.
As a child I felt mostly like an orphan, I spend my time with my friends all the time. I'm alittle bit of a
rascal back in the day, I used to spend my time in a bar, strip club and many more just to fill this emptynes in
my heart. I spend little time at home, becuase my mother is depresed after loosing his husband
and she always screams at me for nothing , I don't care about my mother's struggle back than,i even hated her.
I was a bad, I should have find a job atleast to help my mother but I don't. So one day I go home and
I found my mother's dead, with blood splaters all over the wall and that gun in her hands. I suddenly felt that I have lost
everything, all that ever means anything to me gone. I cried on my mothers lap asking her to comeback, but I know that
it's useles. Then I look down on the flor and saw a little piece of paper in mother's hand. It's her suicide note, she says
that she's sorry for leaving me, but she can't handle the preasure anymore, and also in the paper she told me to open
the drawer next to me, she said it's Important. It's a letter from the goverment, it says that my father has died a few years
ago, forensics have found an ID cards burried in a mass grave in Serbia. I just felt like all the walls around me are just closing
in on me, my mother is dead and now I know that my father is also dead, and beneath that paper I also found a letter from my father,
sent ten years ago. My father says that I should fix up my attitude and have a happy life. So I did, from that moment on
I start to go to church every week, and find myself a job. One day I pass by the docks and there a ship leaving for America,
the captain of the ship said that he need one more reqruit to wash the crew's dishes and so I thought why not? So I sign up for
the job and began my journey to america.

Tell us why you would like to become an Officer in San Andreas Sheriff's Department. ( Min : 250 words )
Well I wanted to become a sheriff of Los Santos because I wanted to protect the innocent and to serve the citizen of los santos anyway I can. After some years of living here in los santos a felt that jusitice is needed around this city. We have law enforcement here but I felt that it is not enough for a city as big as los santos, crime is evolving much rapidly then it used be and it seems that the law enforcement of los santos is outnumbered. So I am willing to be a sheriff of las sontos and to endangered myself to serve and protect. I have felt what it is like to be rob, by criminals. I was just driving my truck in dilmore when somebody made a barricade out of cars, I can’t move forward and so they force me out of my truckwith a baseball bat to give them some money I try to resist but I can’t because they hit me on the head there is no police officer nor sheriff in that area that can', I don’t lost a lot of money but It made me angry and from that moment on I am willing to prevent such things from happening to any other person. I love the city of los santos and it’s people and so I hope that the head of the sheriff department will consider my application of becoming sheriff so that I can do my duty as a good citizen and sheriff.

Sign : Borvindoska


Nama Lengkap: Andy Junaedi

Umur : 15

ID forum (JG-RP) : simon_caddy

Jam main perhari : 1-2jam

ID UCP JG-RP : simon_caddy

Sebutkan semua character kamu yang sebelumnya.

Berapa lama anda telah bermain JG-RP?.
7-8 bulan

Apakah anda pernah bergabung dengan Faction official? Jika ya, Faction apa itu.
Belum tapi pernah ke beberapa faction unofficial

Apakah anda pernah bergabung dengan Faction Government sebelumnya?Jika ya faction apa itu.

Apakah anda mengerti tentang hukum?Jika ya, Jelaskan secara singkat.
Hukum adalah peraturan yang melindungi rakyat

Apakah anda mempunyai catatan Banned ?? Jika ya, karena apa anda di ban?

Apakah anda bisa mengoprasikan Team Speak?

Apakah anda menguasai daerah San Andreas?

Dari skala 1 sampai 10 (10 terbaik),seberapa bagus skill anda dalam Roleplay?

Berikan alasan mengapa anda ingin bergabung dengan San Andreas Sheriff's Department.( Min : 200 words. )
Saya mereasa bahwa tugas sebagai penegak hukum adalah pekerjaan yang mulia biarpun di dunia nyata saya masih seorang remaja saya berharap dapat merasakan Susana bekerja sebagai penegak hukum biarpun di game. Dan saya merasa bahwa jika saya menjadi sheriff saya bias lebih bersosialisasi dengan teman-teman saya dan juga dapat berkenalan dengan teman-teman baru. Saya pernah diceritakan oleh teman saya yang dahulu adalah seorang anggota LSPD (IG) bahwa menjadi pengak hukum di Jogjagamers adalah pengelaman yang seru dan juga menantang. Saya juga ingin lebih belajar untuk RP menjadi polisi karena selama ini saya sudah bermain di JGRP tapi saya hanya menjadi warga biasa. Saya ingin belajar dan mengalami pelatihan untuk menjadi sheriff yang baik. Saya ingin memiliki pengalaman penuh di JGRP dan untuk menjadi sheriff akan memenuhi pengalaman tersebut. Saya sangatlah berharap bahwa saya akan diterima di sheriff department dan dapat menjadi sheriff yang baik. Saya juga ingin lebih menguasai daerah los santos sampai ke gang gangnya supaya saya dapat lebih baik dalam bermain GTA San Andreas. Saya juga merasa bahwa dengan ikut menjadi sheriff saya dapat menjadi lebih dekat dengan teman-teman saya karena ada beberapa teman saya yang telah dan mungkin akan menjadi sheriff los santos. Semoga bapak/ibu menerima lamaran saya.


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